Jill Aycock
About Us
I am a wife, mother of 4 and follower of Christ.

doing life

That is what we do in a small suburb of Houston, Texas. We do life. My husband Cody works for a large medical company and I have a part time job at our church, I am the Director of Discipleship. I wish my real job was playing tennis, but the offers have been slim.

We have 4 children. Carter, Walker, Anderson and ReeseKathryn. They are all 2 years apart and some super cool kids. Some days they make us laugh hysterically and other days they just make us hysterical. You never know how its going to go around here... It is minute by minute some days. However, I feel blessed that God gave me Cody to share this life with and these 4 kids to raise. These are my people and I love them!!