Jill Aycock

My Family

In 1998 Cody and I met in a bar. I wish I could tell my children their parents met in bible study, but it is what it is. We were both in the news business in Wichita Falls, Texas. I worked as a the weekend anchor at the local CBS affiliate and he was a reporter for The Times Record News. We were both strangers in a strange land where we knew no one. We both grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona (about 8 miles apart) and apparently God thought it was a better idea for us to meet later in life rather than as teenagers. God is good! We would have never lasted in the 80's... for so many reasons. Since that fateful meeting at Toby's, we dated for just 7 months before getting engaged and married 9 months later in September of 1999. We moved 4 times and had 4 kids in 8 years and have made Houston our home since 2003. 

My Passion

My family and God are my passions. God has entrusted us to raise 4 of His precious children. I have never taken that job lightly. I believe He has given me the hunger for His word to make sure I do the best I can with these kids, with what His book says, not with what this world says. That is my struggle everyday. Raising these four kids with what God says is good, not what this world says is good. I love the saying "what is right isn't all always cool and what is cool isn't always right." I am sure it's biblical... (I just need to find the scripture to back it up.) I have been leading women's bible studies since 2004. In those years, I have taught everything from "How To Raise Kids Who Will Turn Out Right" to Revelation. I consider it  a privilege to teach God's word and I tell all my students, the reason God has lead me to teach, is because He knows I have the most to learn.

My thoughts

Those who know me best, know I have an opinion on just  about everything. Bless Cody. It isn't easy being married to me, (so I have been told.) I love to debate with people and honestly listen to what others have to say. I think we learn most when we are listening. It is something I have been working on for a while and if I have a funny look on my face when I am having a conversation with you, I am most likely trying REALLY, REALLY hard to keep my mouth closed.  The struggle is real people! Lately, God has been leading me to write again. It is something I love to do and I thought blogging was the way to go in 2007. I started my first blog right before I gave birth to our 4th child, ReeseKathryn. Apparently, I thought I'd have some time on my hands. So... 9 years later, here we go again. I hope you enjoy this journey.